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Our mission at Centro de Consejeria Familiar is to empower and support the Latino community in Dallas by providing culturally sensitive mental health services. We offer a safe, accessible space for children, teens, and parents to learn how to manage their emotions, develop their self-esteem, and build healthy, happy relationships. Our compassionate team of committed experts promotes resilience, growth, and well-being for all members of our Latino community. Counseling is affordable and covered by insurance.

Our counseling staff speaks Spanish.

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Emotional Behavioral Support for Children and Their Parents

Sessions are facilitated in Spanish and/or English

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    Individual Sessions

    We work one-on-one with children and teens to help them understand their emotions, learn how to express their feelings and needs, and manage their behavior.
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    Group Sessions

    We offer group sessions for pre-teens (9-12), teens (13-18), and parents. Groups are a safe place for teens to learn new skills and process their own experiences.
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Does My Child Need Counseling?

You want the best for your children, but it can be hard to know how to help them.

Counseling offers a safe, compassionate space for your child to feel heard and seen while learning new skills and developing their emotional intelligence.

It’s also perfect for parents – with parenting tools, education, and support available alongside the services your child receives.

Your child may benefit from counseling if they:
  • Have frequent outbursts, meltdowns, or tantrums
  • Refuse to follow directions at home or at school
  • Frequently feel sad, withdrawn, or anxious
  • Struggle to get along with or make friends
  • Would benefit from a safe, non-judgmental space to self-reflect and share their feelings
If you’re not sure if counseling is right for your child, reach out to our team and we can answer your questions and help you figure out the right next steps!
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